Thursday, January 22, 2009

Data recovery after Virus attacks

Virus – a threat to every computer whether used at home or in any organization. Most of us must have encountered a data loss after a virus attack on our computer. Those who haven’t may face a virus attack in future. A virus basically is a computer program, which is capable enough to destroy the entire data saved in the hard drive of a computer system.

Who creates these computer viruses ?

Programmers with good knowledge of various computer programming languages create such malicious applications, which are intelligent enough to target certain loopholes like open ports, code vulnerability etc. of the computer operating system or BIOS.

What are the main causes and consequences of a computer virus?

The main cause of a computer virus is the connection of the computer system to the internet. Most of the viruses attack the computers when a user is downloading any file from the internet. Viruses can attack your system when you are downloading an attachment (containing the virus) from your email. Installation of poor anti-virus software can also lead to virus attack on your computer. If no firewall is installed on the computer or the network (hardware firewall) can result in virus attack.

The main consequences of a fatal virus attack are as follows:

1) Loss of data viz. from My Documents folder in Windows as the viruses target files with certain extensions as well 2) Operating system file corruption viz. Windows/System/System32 folder files get infected in Windows 3) System performance degradation 4) Instable computer behavior

In order to protect the computer from viruses, users install anti-virus software, firewall, and spyware.

Out of the above consequences, the worst that a user encounters is the loss of important data. In order to recover the lost and corrupted data, the user needs to use effective data recovery software. This data recovery software uses advanced scanning algorithms to restore the lost data, which has been affected by a computer virus.

Stellar Information System Ltd. provides the finest data recovery software. The data recovery technicians at Stellar Information System Ltd. are equipped with good technical skills, which allow them to extract complete data from any storage device that is affected by a computer virus. These technicians perform data recovery process from the storage devices in sterilized surroundings in Class 100 Clean Rooms. Stellar Information System Ltd. has more than 1,000,000 customers worldwide and the list is increasing on daily basis.

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