Monday, January 12, 2009

Some tips to Protect your data.

A lovely saying “The prevention is always better than the cure”. Some important tips and tricks have been listed here for protection of your data. By following these , You can avoid the lossage of data and a difficult data recovery .

Make Backups Daily.

To make Backing up the boot sectors and other directory information is always a wise Methode for securing your data. The different areas on your drive should be backed up on different time intervals. A complete backup program consists of the following things:

1. Make a emergency boot disk for each system.
2. Make the back up of the MBR once, after the Fdisk command of DOS.
3. Make the back up the DBR’s for each logical drive once, after FORMAT command of DOS.
4. Make the back up of the FAT or NTFS or HFS and root directories regularly.
5. Make a back up of important user data regularly.

Perform Surface scanning on monthly base:

Perform a surface scan monthly to test the media on your device. By doing this you can fox the errors in the very initial stages. Even if the scanning program is not capable of fixing the disk, it may at least provide the information about the physical and logical status of your storage media. With this information you can get the help to back up your data and to find the solutions for the problems.

De-Fragment of data weekly is also good..

With the creation of new files and deletion of older ones, the data on the disk becomes more and more fragmented. The fragmentation makes the accessibility of data slow and complicated. I will discuss the disk fragmentation and de-fragmentation later on in my posts. The utilities for DE-fragmentation of the data are available in the operating system.. By maintaining the DE-fragmented data, you can improve the performance of the system. De fragmented data is easy to recover if there is a disk crash.

Use good Anti Virus Software is recommonded.

Viruses are a big cause for data loss these days. To avoid the virus infection in your data and to protect your data, you must use a good anti virus software. I can recommend using Avast Anti virus or Microsoft One Care. When using the internet, always enable your email protection and internet security from the options of your anti virus software.

Do not use pirated games or software or applications.

The pirated games and software are usually prepared by some hacking or cracking, or other illegal procedures to run even after pirated. The procedures may not be compatible and suitable for the software and hardware configuration of every computer and may destroy your data. There is a significant number of software, especially games which have been used as a medium to spread viruses. Therefore using the pirated software may infect your system with some serious system viruses and may cause severe data loss.

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