Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Data Loss in iPod due to Factory Setting Restoration and Recovery

A new copy of iPod software is called “factory settings”. When you first purchase a fresh iPod, it comes with default factory settings. The factory settings make your iPod easy to customize and operating. Sometimes, when you use your iPod with iTunes or any other data transferring software, you needs to make some changes in the factory settings of your iPod. Sometimes, it also required when you use the iPod with Windows or other operating systems. If you have any problem with your iPod like freezing and shuffling, you can overcome to these problems by restoring the factory settings of your iPod.

You may be in need of restoring factory settings in following circumstances:Want to change from Mac to PCWant to change from PC to MacWant to use it both on PC and MacCorruption and freezing problems in your iPodYou can restore your iPod simply by connecting it to iTunes and choosing restore option from the tools menu of iTunes. But you should always keep in mind that when you restore the iPod, it may delete your stored music, image, and text files. If you have some problems with your iPod and like a general user, you have restored you iPod and it has deleted your stored files. It is very shocking for you’re as you have lost your entire music collection and precious images. At that time, you are definitely searching for any software that can restore you lost iPod data. You are right; you can find the software solution of this problem. You can recover the lost data with the help of iPod data recovery software.

IPod recovery software are the application programs that are specially designed to get back you lost precious music and image files. With these software, you can recover you lost data by connection your iPod to your computer and can scan for the lost data. These are easy to use software programs that can recover data from your corrupted or restored iPod. There is a wide range of iPod Recovery software available for recovering the lost iPod data. Among these software, you can find a powerful iPod recovery software that is Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery software. This software can recover data from you iPod in all cases of data loss. With the help of this iPod recovery software, you can recover lost data from all models of iPod including iPod classic, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and iPod Touch.

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