Thursday, January 22, 2009

Securely remove sensitive data from your PC

When you delete or remove the data from your computer, it is removed from the Master File Data only. One still can access the parts of the data without many efforts. Thus, it becomes necessary to remove the traces of the erased files as well. There are different software programs available online that claim to remove the data easily. But see to it that it’s a genuine one.

If you are going to delete the sensitive information about your company, then take a back up. At times accidentally, we delete the important files that could lead you in big trouble if there is no support. If you haven’t deleted the files before then it is good to take the help of a professional.

Here are some easy steps that will help to remove the sensitive data from your personal computer easily:

* Always use a secure program that can help in deleting private files. On Google you can type the words "secure file delete" and go in for a paid version or look for a freeware version.

* The other method is to just simply delete the files usually. Deleted the files and empty the recycle bin. You can copy a big file make a bunch of copies until the drive is full. The computer responds promptly to the situation and all the deleted files are over written and cannot be recovered. Now just simply put the files in the recycle bin. Or take a data manager help.

* If the data is on CD –ROMs or DVD rewritable disc, then use a compact disk eraser. All the data will be permanently swabbed off.

* There is another way of deleting the data from the hard drive. Cover the drive by a strong magnet and move it about around the disk.

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