Thursday, January 22, 2009

Managing the data storage to prevent data Loss

There are so many unforeseen data loss situations, ranging from unique to ordinary, which can take place to anyone at any point of time. These data loss cases are becoming very frequent than ever.

The finest way to keep away from the data loss is to have a complete disaster recover strategy. There are several protective measures, like backup, to avoid the data loss situations or have easy and quick recovery if data loss happens.

Since the data loss disasters would take place, there is a list of recommendations for the IT administrators and executives, which will augment the possibilities of efficient hard drive recovery:

Always use hard drive defragmenter. The defragmenter shifts the pieces of every file to one memory location, so that they occupy contiguous space on the hard drive. It helps you in improving the quality of hard drive recovery. But you should never use defragmenter on the bad hard drives as it could further damage the drive and make the data irretrievable.

Regularly er backup of all your essential data. It will help you in restoring your system, in case any disaster happens.

If the hard drive is making strange mechanical noises, switch it off immediately and get help from the hard drive recovery service provider company.

Never restore your data on the server, which has lost data. You should always restore your critical data to a different server or any alternative location.

In power failure case with RAID, if file system becomes suspicious, drive is un-mountable or data is inaccessible, never run any disk repair utility.

All these protective measures are very helpful for you to prevent data loss and have safe and trouble-free data recovery. But if you do not take these protections, the data loss may happen and might harm you in many ways.

If the lost data is business crucial, the data loss situa ut you out of the business. In such grave situations, you need to take help of hard drive recovery.

Hard drive recovery is the procedure of retrieving lost, deleted or inaccessible data from failed or damaged hard drives and other storage media, which can not be accessed normally. It is potential by two methods: hard drive recovery software and hard drive recovery service.

Hard drive recovery software are easy to use tools, which allow users to have Do It Yourself hard drive recover in all possible cases of logical data loss. On the other hand, hard drive recovery service is the personalized help delivered by hard drive recovery experts to handle physical data loss posers.

To ensure absolute, safe, easy and quick extraction of your data, selecting a reliable hard drive recovery company, like Stellar Information Systems Ltd, is extremely important. Stellar is the leading hard drive recovery company and offers you both hard drive recovery solutions i.e. hard drive recovery software and hard drive recover service.

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