Thursday, January 22, 2009

Strategies for maximizing the lifespan of hard drive

If I ask you a question: which is the most fragile part of your computer system, what will be your answer ? What if I ask: which is the most important part for you ?

Generally the answer of both these questions is the hard drive of your computer system, no matter which operating system you are using.

The hard disk is probably the most significant thing you own. It stores all of your important work data, emails, photos, tax information, your identity, school data etc. Incidentally the hard disk is also one of two moving parts of your computer (other one is optical drive).

Hard drive is very prone to failure and you need to take some preventive measures to save it from being failed. You should follow the below given monitoring and maintenance steps to maximize the life of your hard drive and avoid data loss:

Hard disks are fragile- handle carefully

Almost 34-40% of data loss occurs due to the physical problems with hard dive. Hard drive is a very delicate device, ds and writes data using minute magnetic particles. Any shock, vibration and other operations might damage the disk and cause data loss.

Hard disk writes data in non-linear fashion, forcing it to be fragmented

When the files accumulate on the hard drive, they don’t just get written in linear way. Hard disk writes data in small pieces and spreads it over the surface. It could cause hard drive fragmentation. It could possibly cause to file system corruption and finally the data loss.

A small power outage could fry the hard drive

Another known fact about hard drive fragility is its susceptibility to the electrical damage. An electrical damage could be the result of lightening strikes, power surges, power outages and faulty power supply. A power outage might cause a number of mishaps like circuit board burning.

Fool-proof method to avoid data loss- Backup!

If you want to prevent data loss as whole, you should always make proper up of your hard drive on a reliable storage device. A good backup might help you in restoring your important data in case any damage occurs.

In case if you don’t succeed to prevent data loss and unfortunately your hard drive fails, the only way to get your data back is hard drive recovery. Hard drive recovery is feasible in two ways through hard drive recovery software and hard drive recovery service.

Hard drive recovery software are third party tools, which are capable of handling all of the logical data loss scenarios. On the other hand, to recover your data from physically damaged hard drive, data recovery service is helpful.

To ensure perfect hard drive recovery, availing software and service of a good data recovery company like Stellar Information Systems Limited, is required. Stellar’s data recovery software are extremely powerful and perform absolute data recovery by systematically scanning the hard drive. Personalized hard drive recovery service of Stellar is delivered by experienced data recovery experts in Class 100 Clean Rooms.

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